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A Way of Life

Welcome old friends and new...to a Way of Life

What a journey - 14 plus years of publishing a spiritual magazine, holding events, our own workshops and creating tours for ourselves and various spiritual teachers around the world all with a desire to discover the truth for ourselves, it's an amazing journey...

FFive years ago we had the fulfillment of our desire to discover a pathway to a relationship with God through the teachings of Jesus. We met him re-incarnated here in Australia, known as Alan John Miller, or AJ. You may of already heard about him, if you want to know a little more about him - click here

It was as big a surprise for us, as it may be for you, possibly a similar challenge to even consider, and to accept. Yet, we have spent the time since our first encounter exploring what he is teaching, endeavoring to apply that in our own life and witnessing the development of the most exciting and life changing potential, that Jesus and his partner, Mary are creating for humanity for the second time.
Among these pages you will find many aspects of 'A Way of Life' that we have been fortunate to become involved with in our desire to be of service; our 8 year Bali College adventure, the tours we manage - (Italy in 2015), developing Living Values Australia and now most importantly, the extension of Jesus teachings through the publishing of his seminars and interviews.

This site supports not only the means to develop a relationship with God as our priority for our soul growth, but seeks to practically assist us all in finding our way through the physical changes that are coming to us as the world around changes recognizing that the most loving thing is to be aware of this and responsibly prepare as best we can through a resource base of helpful information.
This then is the purpose of this website, our personal journey that we would like to share with you, into A Way of Life.

Raj & Suzanne

November 2014: Where are we now……?

Home again after an amazing 8 day Retreat with AJ (Jesus) and Mary at Riverwood Downs in NSW.  Some 70 of us gathered in what was called an "Assistance Program" to help us come to grips with our blockages to resolving our addictions and enhancng our desires for a Relationship with God. The program offered to two groups of people from all over the world gave us clarity on the importance of living life as an emotional being rather than from the mind, understanding that the language of both God and the Soul is emotion and to attempt to intellectualise is completely counter productive to establing a real connection to God and the opportuity of feeling God's Love reaching us. 

Home again in Wondai - heard of that? A beautiful little village some 350 kms from Brisbane, 2 hours directly inland from Noosa. We find ourselves busy doing all those jobs preparing for a hot summer, our somewhat rural 5 acres needs a fair bit of care, getting us out of bed early and keeping us active and healthy.

Last time I wrote we were establishing the publishing arm of Divine Truth. Now some 126 books with more coming are available in the library. We provide the books ‘print ready’ at no charge. The books are in A5 format, paperback size with titles covering the many seminars, interviews and FAQs given by Jesus in the past four years.

I truly recommend reading about these subjects covering hitherto unknown depths of Love and Truth about God, God’s Laws and the way Universe is structured, the Truth about life after death, the responsibility we have now in the physical and what we have to expect when we die. Most importantly, the Truth about our Soul, what it is and the opportunity for our individual relationship with God. This is what is exciting me.

All these books are available free, from www.divinetruth.com

Suzanne and I continue to play with our non-profit educational Foundation in Bali - Karuna (meaning Compassion) Bali to plan for future growth. This joyful and creative endeavour gives us a twice yearly opportunity to participate with our 24 full time scholarship students and see how they are experiencing their journey coming 'out of the box' - an exciting opportunity to witness the beauty of human souls when shown a new way of being in the world. EduCare, the rural school program continues to expand through the countryside with little kids and the College in-house short courses are impacting many - all told over some 2,250 people young and old will be touched by the Karuna Bali experience this year.

We'll keep you updated or visit Karuna Bali - http://www.karunbali.com or have a look on: www.facebook.com/karuna.bali.foundation

And then there is the new relationship with Matteo and Daniela of 'Discover Your Italy' in Perugia, Umbria with whom we have become firm friends. Matteo has created 'A Way of Life' with a superb 19 day tour to Italy in 2015 traveling from Lake Maggiore in the north through Venice to Assisi and Rome and south to Amalfi and Naples. Would you like to come along? Just a quick glance at the itinerary will probably have your mouth watering! Go to Tours in directory bar and Italy Tour Oct 2015. So that’s where we are at now, lots of things to do, I didn't know being retired could be so exhilarating!

Suzanne and I fervently hope that your world is a much fun and vibrant as ours

Blessings, Raj

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